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September 23, 2013
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I wondered why i hated women since I was in elementary school. Women were the things that made me want to stop school. My mother who hated me and wished she never gave birth to me. My sisters who had fun spreading lies about me threw school. Then There was that all girls in my school would try to bully me because of some reason i didn't understand

It must have been that girls never seemed gillie to me they seemed like things that the devil sent to annoy the life out of me and make my life a living hell. But why did I have to go to guys because of this why couldn't I live a lonely life where nobody would bother me or care about me at all.

I never needed friends I knew school was place where you needed friends but I didn't care. I wanted to go in and go out as soon as possible and try to never be noticed avoid all clubs and sports teams.

Why couldn't he notice how I feel apparently not because I think he sat beside me everywhere I go to annoy or because of all the rumors but the most recent one was that I was gay and of course I have to thank my sisters for that because the decide my life wasn't horrible enough they had to make sure there was 0% chance of me making friends.

Why didn't he get act like everyone else and start to hate me. He should have but why couldn't he leave me alone. I even caught him standing up for me against people who were disgusted by me and make my high school life a bigger bitch than it already was.

but when he started to do this. my sisters tried even harder to make my home life and school life worse. I wondered if they were made that i got Alfred's attention apparently he was the hottest and most athletic guy in the school but he turned down all girls that asked him out and no girl could ever get his attention.

So why can't get this guy out of my mind it can'y be that I actually like the idiot that made my school and home life ten times worse. The only thing he did was make me want to die and leave this sad excuse of a life.

But now is the worse time he refuses to even leave my side during school. Lucky for him we have all the same classes. The only thing this was make everyone think we either started dating or Alfred had crush on me. The only thing I didn't need.

Time Skip * Morning *

"F/n get your sorry ass out of your fucking bed or I'll come up there with the broom" Mother said

You got up quickly knowing she would do this the only person that actually liked you was six feet under ground you always wished your mother died instead of him. Why couldn't dad be alive instead of mother. He always told you to never give up on anything and he will accept me no matter what I am.

You put your school clothes on and ran into the kitchen stealing some fruits and a lunch without your sisters or your mother knowing. You then ran towards the front door. As soon as you opened the door you saw Alfred waiting for you. He told he wanting to walk you to and from school but you never expected him to be serious about this.

Your sisters ran behind and rushed towards Alfred and asking him if he's here to walk them to school. He then told them that's "he's here to walk F/n to school". As soon as he told them that they asked "Is it true that you have a crush on F/n". He started to blush as they asked him the question. They gasped in unison but I refused to believe that he actually liked they ugly, nerdy and waste of air that was me.

As we walked to school Alfred frequently looked at me. It was annoying like he wanted an answer for question that was never even asked. How could even think that I like him that why it's absurd you thought angrily while blushing

Time Skip * F/n dreams *

You were sleeping having probably one was of the most pleasant dreams. Alfred was confessing to you how he always liked you and how he wanted to take you away form the hell hole which was your home. You agreed that you wanted to leave the living hell you had to live in sneaking around your own home. Alfred said " then leave come to me we can live together forever you son't have to worry about me treating you like they do I love you and I would never treat the one I love like that"

Time Skip * Few weeks *

You had been having frequent dreams about Alfred and how he might confess to you. You tried to convince yourself that wasn't what you wanted but this time you couldn't even trick yourself you knew that you loved him now. But you weren't just going to go and tell him that you loved him no that would be waste of time.

You turned around the corner you were actually happy for the first time to see Alfred but when you turned the corner you saw Alfred doing something you never wanted to see ads of ten minutes ago. You saw him kissing you sister her of all girls the one who put you threw hell.

He heard you gasp as you them kiss. He looked at you at you and tried to explain himself but you said " don't worry if you like her go out with her just don't come near me anymore"

You ran away after telling Alfred to leave you alone you ran to the roof. Since it was class no one was there. you started to cry your eyes out if you had a limit to how much you could cry a day you pass that limit easy.

You cursed at yourself thinking that he might actually love you the only person who cares about is died and he isn't coming back no matter what you do.

Alfred's POV

He say me kiss his sister this is the worse and he told me to leave him alone and never go near him again. I turned to his sister which was laughing. I grabbed her collar "don't you care about you brother at all he hates me the only person that help him threw all this shit you made" I yelled at her. She dropped her smile and put on a serious face " No why should I he was the only one that father loved so he should meet him he should go six feet under" she said pissed off.

So that's why you forced me to kiss you. She laughed exactly with you and betrayal he might kill himself. He will finally be gone he's a prick taking all the most important people's attention away from me and my sister and he will die for it. I looked at her shocked thinking how could anyone think of their family this way? Who could want them died?

I rushed threw the school looking for the F/n making sure he won't kill himself I can't let his sister have that satisfaction of killing him.

I looked everywhere I didn't know where else to look> I took a breathe near a window. I saw all of F/n's school stuff fly of down to the floor. I realize that he must be on the roof and he is going to jump off of it. So I rushed to the roof.

F/n's POV

This is stupid you stopped crying knowing it wouldn't do anything. You opened up you back pack and threw it off the roof. You walked towards the side of the roof. You thought of jumping off the roof. You could finally see him you could see the one who never threw you away like you were a piece of garbage.

You jumped over the railing and leaned forward you looked down at the floor. You were about to release your hands as you heard Alfred screaming your name. You heard the door open the two of you looked at each other. "F/n Don't jump please just don't kill yourself I will do anything" Alfred pleaded You were shocked he even cared about you or was it just an act so he wouldn't feel guilty about you killing yourself. You looked back at the three story fall thinking it was better to kill yourself then feel like this again. Alfred ran up to and put his arms around you and pleaded that you don't jump he doesn't want to live in a world without you.

You had no idea what to do for the first time your mind was blank you usually had a little thought of what to do. But right now your mind was blank and you were scarred of the decision you might make. Alfred looked at you and said, " I Love You F/n and you are the= only person I will love like this". Your eyes widened as Alfred told you what he felt for you. More tears rolled down your face. " Alfred I Love You Too".

Now Alfred's eyes widened as you responded to his confession. Then don't jump you 18 you can move out of your house and move in with me. Then in a few years we can get married if you want too.

Time Skip * Few day's later *

You got your stuff together you agreed that you should move out of this house and move in with Alfred apparently he was rich and lived alone so it should just be you too. You were [putting together the last thing your memorial to your father you wanted to bring that with you. So you can tell Father that your with someone just like him someone who won't betray you.
Sorry for doing another America X male!Reader but I keep on having Ideas for them. So I hope you like them.

I hope no ones feelings get hurted in this story.
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xXNeGaTiVeBOYXx Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
So much feels.
To much relate.
I'm crying.
Bbg100 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
The story is good, but there are flaws in the writing.  Mostly run on sentences that seem to make you forget what the first word in the sentence was or fall asleep and also there is bad sentence structure with unnecessary words and other things and there is one paragraph where the whole thing is one sentence and i'm really having to concentrate to make this a run on sentence so I am going to stop now.  So ya, only a few things.  Oh and the last paragraph has a random [ before putting.  I also had to go through and edit this comment because I spell sentence sentance and unnecessary unnessesary.  There is also a few capitalization flaws, but I edit for my bestie and shes a lot worse.  In fact I might be in such a error pointing out mood because of that.  Sorrryyyyyy~!
jordan565 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
thanks ill watch out for those when i am writing stories
EmptyAngel7 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
jordan565 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thanks hope you read more and tell me if you want a certain story
EmptyAngel7 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Ok *smiles*
planetfangirl Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
jordan565 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I guess u like it
planetfangirl Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
yes. i really did. :]
jordan565 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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